SB 12 Auxiliary Lighting


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For the first time this year I am happy to report that SB 12 - the Auxiliary Lighting bill,

has been signed into law by the Governor and became effective on April 13, 2017.

This law explicitly allows ground effect lighting equipment on motorcycles.
As we all know extra lighting increases motorcycle safety by

enhancing their visibility to other vehicles on the highway.
This will be especially effective during the hours of low ambient light and darkness.
However, I do advise caution as the colors permitted are amber and white non-flashing.

While your ABATE of Delaware Legislative Task Force did request that other colors be added under this law, we thought it was better to get this on the books and push for the other colors at a later time. There were other groups that actually opposed this important piece of legislation,

there would surely be more opposition if the spectrum of colors were expanded.
A small victory is better than no victory at all.