Ed's Legislative News October 2018


If You Don’t Fight For Freedom You Give It Away Without Protest

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Winter weather is upon us and the days are shorter and colder.

Many will be putting their rides away to slumber for the

winter season, like a bear hibernating in a darkened cave.

But there are others who refuse to end their riding seasons.

There are hardy souls that will endure the weather and

head out despite what the thermometer is telling them.


If you are one of these brave individuals, there

are a few things to be aware of as you head out.

As the temperature drops, the leaves will fall, creating slippery

conditions when they become wet from rain or even the morning dew.


Also, be aware that large woodland creatures (DEER) tend to be more mobile.


The average Joe or Josephine still won't be looking for you, likely less because there are

fewer riders on the road at this time of year. Be on the lookout and don't let your guard down!


Now that the Mid-term elections are over the next Delaware legislative season will begin in

January, your ABATE of Delaware is standing by at the ready to inform as legislation is drafted.


Depending on who wins, we could be in for a rough ride.

Stay engaged by visiting this web site and our Facebook group

for the latest happenings and to see our upcoming events.


-Ride Safe

Ed Berner

ABATE of Delaware - State Legislative Coordinator