Been Pulled Over And Ticketed?


If You Don’t Fight For Freedom You Give It Away Without Protest

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Recently, ABATE of Delaware was informed by way of Social Media that

a fellow biker was ticketed after an accident for, "Riding a Motorcycle

during inclement hazardous weather that resulted in an accident".

I found out about this a full week after the

incident and a day before the court date.
No one can help within that short amount of time,

fortunately the charges were dismissed and all is good.

In light of this incident I thought it best to provide my

thoughts on what you should do if you are stopped or

ticketed after a traffic stop for questionable reasons.

1. Try to record the whole event - video or audio.
Court case after court case has beenbrought an won over this issue.

Just be aware of the laws in your state.

2. BE RESPECTFUL, yes sir and no sir will get you farther than derogatory remarks and attitudes will.
Respect is a two way street, even if you're dealing with an arrogant officer - keep your composure.

3. When being questioned answer "Yes" and "No" only. Do not provide anything more.
The police will try and engage you with conversation hoping you'll reveal more than you should.


4. NEVER consent to a search, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make them get a search warrant.
Even if you have nothing to hide, it's the law, so make them follow the law.
Be advised that you may end up in handcuffs over this.

5. If you are arrested, ASK FOR A LAWYER, they have to stop questioning you at that point.

(See #3 above).

If the encounter concludes with a citation issued, make sure you have the officer's name, badge, and agency.
If it's a valid ticket - speed limit is posted 45 mph and your busted

for 60 mph, it is a clean ticket, suck it up and pay your fine. 

HOWEVER, if it's questionable, CONTACT ABATE OF

DELAWARE IMMEDIATELY (above) with ALL of the facts.

We can provide advice and direction should you decide to fight back.
Also, we can do nothing if we don't know about it.