Ed's Legislative News March 2019


If You Don’t Fight For Freedom You Give It Away Without Protest

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Spring has sprung and motorcycles are coming out of their winter hibernation.
Charity rides are scheduled and plans have been made.
Here in the great State of Delaware, Legislators are hard at work, some seem to be laying the foundation to strip us of several things that ABATE of Delaware has fought hard to ensure.

First up, the State Motorcycle Program lost eight positions last year.
We are waiting on what "lost" actually means, but it appears as though

the DMV took the positions and used them elsewhere within the DMV.
We also have information that there are four more positions that may be lost.
The DMV is also talking about contracting the program.
The last time they tried this sleight of hand,

ABATE of Delaware got involved.

Instructors (Rider Coaches) became seasonal, casual employees for

the State and established the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee.
Through this Committee, ABATE of Delaware was able to get Legislation

that allowed the instructor to receive the insurance discount that a

graduating student of the program would receive and

a whole lot of other Legislation was passed.

Our concern is that the quality of the training will be compromised, the quantity

of class slots will be reduced, the safety and maintenance of the training

motorcycles will be affected, and the cost of the training will go up.
Harley-Davidson offers the same instruction, but that

course is four times the cost of the State Programs.
There will be more to follow on this topic, so if you’re not visiting our web

site or following us on Facebook you might miss an important update.

It also seems as though Rep. Sean Lynn (D-Dover) and Tammy Kalp

are ramping up yet another push for a mandatory helmet law.

The position of ABATE of Delaware is we don’t care if you choose to wear a helmet or not.
That decision should be made by you, the rider, not by some faceless bureaucrat

or by someone who was a friend (now wife) of a victim of a careless driver.
I have my own opinions on the subject of safety gear.
Those opinions have come from my own research and personal experience.
Not the snake oil pushed by a victim advocate, bureaucrat, or “expert” that

has never held a motorcycle endorsement or even owned a motorcycle.
Our opinion is the rider is in the best position to make those decisions.

-Ride Safe

Ed Berner

ABATE of Delaware

State Legislative Coordinator