Ed's Legislative News December 2018


If You Don’t Fight For Freedom You Give It Away Without Protest

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The election is over and now the stage is set. New bills are being filed for consideration. So far I have not seen anything that we as the motorcycling community need to be concerned with. That being said, I am not resting easy. All of the folks that sponsored the last two helmet bills are still in office so I expect another attempt at some point. 

Stay vigilant and be prepared to answer the call to action should it come.

Have your letters preformatted and ready to send when the time comes.

There are other disturbing events that ABATE has been made aware of. ABATE has always been and always will be committed to rider education. In fact that’s what the "E" in ABATE stands for.  It seems that the state motorcycle training program is releasing eight instructors. We don’t know why yet, but I have our senator looking for answers.

There are theories, but few facts yet. Rest assured we are on top of it.

Also during this session we hope to have the Auxiliary Lighting law amended to include more colors than just amber and white. We would like to have the law expanded

to allow all colors. Flashing is already prohibited so we don’t really see a reason

why we can’t use the other colors, after all there are millions of colors.

Limiting the color choice of accent lighting to just two of those is silly.

- Ride Safe

Ed Berner

ABATE of Delaware - State Legislative Coordinator