L&L Seminar Reports


ABATE of Delaware - New Castle County Chapter Co-coordinator - Ashley Haas

This year I attended ABATE of Pennsylvania's Legislative and Leadership Seminar

as the ABATE of Delaware New Castle County Chapter Co-Coordinator.


As usual it was a great time, a great way to network and learn

what is working and not working for other States and Chapters.

Please keep an eye and ear open for the changes and growth for our organization.


This year I tried to focus on what I could learn to help build our organization back up.

Not just within ourselves, but within our community.


There are so many changes happening within Congress

that I feel we all need to focus on and get involved in.

Writing letters, sending emails, meeting one-on-one with

Legislators, anything to get to know your Senators and

Representatives is one of the first steps to getting involved.

It is absolutely vital to know who is working for you and who isn’t.

Your voice can be heard if you speak loud enough and never give up.

There are so many ways you can give back and educate those around you.


We speak of those in “cages” and those who ride uneducated.


There are programs out there, state funded, that teach courses on motorcycle safety.

You can be trained and educated to become and educator.

They are always looking for passionate individuals to get out there and volunteer.


This is something that Pennsylvania is doing, they are always looking for more people

so they can get more classes going and shorten up waiting lists for these courses.


Another seminar I attended was Leadership.


This seminar talked about how to get Officers more involved with and in contact with members.

This is not just your County Chapter level Officers staying connected with their County Chapters,

this is also State level Officers getting and staying connected with each County Chapter.


A nice idea given was Chapter/State level Presidents or Coordinators should be sending out some kind of information regarding goings ons and updates to each County Chapter at the minimum, quarterly.


Keep them connected to each County Chapter, and have all the same

information going out the same way, with nothing being overlooked.


Working together, problem solving, educating and building/rebuilding our organization.


It is important to ensure that all members feel like they are

respected, just as they should be respecting the Organization.


Each Organization, County Chapter has members who

are not always happy with how things go or have gone.


They can become “toxic” to our Organization.


It is the responsibility of your leadership to meet with these people, try to change things

for the better and if things can’t or won’t be changed, then it is time to remove said member.

It is up to you as a member to communicate your concerns to your Leadership.


There was so much more learned information from this year’s seminar from the successes to the failures.

One thing I learned is every failure came with growth and new ideas for the next time.
Every success came with hard work, commitment, and passion.

We cannot do this without you, the membership.

We cannot be successful without the support of each member and the community we are in.
Let’s all work together to build within our Organization and our Community.

Ashley Hass
ABATE of Delaware
New Castle County Chapter Co-Coordinator