Lawn Signs

A “Look Twice Save A Life” signs reminder...

Many of our members in the past have mowed the State’s right

of way and continue to maintain it, then placed our ABATE,

“Look Twice Save A Life” yard signs out there where they just mowed.

Our maintenance of this area saves the state thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, there is a state law that prohibits these or any signs from

being placed in the right of way, and because we are the organization

listed at the bottom of the signs, ABATE of Delaware will be fined.

We need to get the word out a little bit better than we have

been, or it is going to cost us more money as an organization.

Telephone poles sit one foot on state property.

So, that would be a good measure for our members to go by, should

they need to understand as to where they can place a yard sign.

Behind the telephone pole line.

The link below shows ABATE of Delaware's, "First Offense Warning" from DelDot.

PDF Link