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If You Don’t Fight For Freedom You Give It Away Without Protest

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The beginning of this year's legislative season began with a bang!

The helmet law bill from Rep Sean Lynn (D Dover) was first out of the box.

As you all know it died in Committee due to the efforts of concerned riders all over this great nation.

To those who helped by writing letters, Thank you!!

Next up was SB 12 the Auxiliary Lighting bill that would

allow the use of LED accent lighting on motorcycles.

This common sense law sailed through both the House and

Senate and was finally signed by the Governor on April 13th.

Be advised that the only colors currently allowed are orange and white.

So it seems things have gone quiet for motorcycle legislation.

However, there are other items that concern us at ABATE of Delaware.

First up is SB 51 this concerns Electronic Communication devices (cell phone use).

This bill would limit the look back period for subsequent like offenses to 2 years.

The original bill specified 3 years. The current law has no look back limit.

Instead of increasing the penalties for the offense, someone thought it was a good idea to limit how far back to look. We are opposed to this because the single biggest cause of crashes in the state was inattentive driving.

Our brothers and sisters are being maimed, injured, and killed because

drivers can't be bothered to wait or pull over to use their phones.

The National Safety Council states that 52% of fatal crashes involve

cell phone use and they believe that figure is under reported.

The figures for drug and alcohol impaired are much less at a combined total of 47%.

Isn't it ironic that DUI/DWI's don't have this kind of sunset provision?

Second on our list is HB 152. This would increase the fee associated with any fine, penalty or forfeiture by 300%.

If you should receive a traffic violation the actual fine for the infraction is dwarfed

by the added fees that you have to pay in addition the original penalty fee.

It seems as this has been a way for the state and local police agencies to benefit their bottom lines.

While I find the reasoning dubious at best, it clearly impacts those least able to afford the added fees more harshly.

If you don't or can't pay the fine and fees your license will be suspended.

Then exactly how are you supposed to get to work to pay the fines?

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Ride Safe
-Ed Berner
ABATE of Delaware - State Legislative Coordinator