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If You Don’t Fight For Freedom You Give It Away Without Protest

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When was the last time you participated in a motorcycle charity event?
What did it cost you to ride, $25, $30, or more if

the ride quoted an extra fee for a passenger?
Add a T-shirt in for another $15-$20.00.

Do a couple of these rides each year and it adds up, yet most of the folks

I see at these events won’t spend $25.00 to join their local chapter of ABATE -

the ones who are out there protecting and fighting for their rights.


While supporting these events for the most part will benefit very good causes but,

we all need to be aware of who is supporting the motorcycling community as a whole.
That would be your local ABATE Organization.


When I’m out and around at events I ask

people if they have heard of ABATE.
They tell me, "Yes, they're the helmet law group."
Then I spend a few minutes telling them

what ABATE actually is and is not. 


We are a local organization defending you from motorcycle only check

points, pushing legislators to vote and sign legislation that enhances penalties

for drivers that have cut you off or turned left in front of you and caused you to crash.
We also lobbied for state motorcycle rider coaches to get

the full benefit of reduced liability insurance for their bikes. 


We are not just about helmet issues, although

that particular issue we have taken action on.
We don’t care whether you wear a helmet or not,

we only care that that is your decision and choice. 

I’m not going to beat a dead horse, but the helmet issue

has only come up a couple of times in the last decade.
There have been a lot of other issues that

we have dealt with over that period of time.


We don’t get our funding from some deep-pocketed

people like Michael Bloomberg or the Koch Brothers.

All of our funding comes from our dues paying members and our events.

None of our leadership is paid, we are all strictly volunteers.
We use our free time and devote it to the whole motorcycling

community, ALL of them, even the “All The Gear All The Time" folks.


ABATE takes our members as they are and

we don’t force any ideologies on anyone.
We simply believe that you are the only person

that can make decisions that affect you.
You want to put accent lighting on your bike?

We pushed that through the state and now its law.
Want a small porcelain tag? We asked

the question, now they make them.
You want ride with full ape hanger handlebars,

yep, you guessed it, we worked that as well.

Listed on the home page of this website

is what we have done for you, the rider.


So, why are you not involved in the ONLY Motorcycle Rights

Organization that is supporting your Freedom to Choose?

If not ABATE of Delaware, then who?

If only a small percentage of those that are enjoying the Freedoms

that a few of us have worked so hard to get, we could do so much more.

To find a Chapter meeting to attend and join, Click/Tap HERE


Ride Safe

-Ed Berner

ABATE of Delaware

State Legislative Coordinator