Ed's Legislative News July 2021


If You Don’t Fight For Freedom You Give It Away Without Protest

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Is it just me, or do you feel like you’re caught in an episode of the Twilight Zone?
Locked down on house arrest for weeks, well perhaps not exactly house arrest but pretty darn close.
Having to wear a mask everywhere and almost every event cancelled or delayed.

Fortunately this is an election year, so our elected representatives will get their report cards at the voting booth.
That’s not the reality in every state, in the mid-west they’re mostly open and going about business as usual.

You may ask what’s the difference?
Their government leadership is “allowing” adults to make their own decisions.
You know that is the way it should be.

Some politicians seem to think it’s their job to tell us how to live.
That’s not exclusive to one party.
Each has their “Nanny issues”.
One wants to legalize marijuana, the other does not.
One wants to cut regulations, the other one wants more and more.
There is no perfect political party.

Here in Delaware when Sean Lynn (D) introduced a mandatory

helmet law bill, there was a Republican co-sponsor.
The knife cuts both ways.

Just because someone is from the political party you support does not mean they support your beliefs.
It is OK for you to vote for the candidate from the other party if they support the issues that you do.
You need to do your research on the candidates.

If one has been in that particular office let their voting record be

your guide, otherwise a quick Google search will lead you to their site.

I may be a registered whatever, but once I’m behind the

curtain in the voting booth I let my research be my guide.

Do your homework and VOTE, that’s how we can affect positive change.

Ride Safe.

-Ed Berner

ABATE of Delaware - State Legislative Coordinator