From: Penny []
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005 5:39 PM
To: MRFReps; Jayne; Rudy
Subject: Latest on Virginia's helmet bill

Here's the message I sent out to VA today about our committee meeting:

First, a big thank you to those who made it today to the House Militia,
Police and Public Safety Committee meeting - Wendy, Steve, Bob, and Doc.
Bernie spent the week in Richmond working with Jim and we joined the two
of them and Tom McGrath at the General Assembly Building for the meeting.

Unfortunately, HB1979 was not heard today, but I would not call it a
waste of time for those of us in attendance. Our presence was noted and
there was no question who and what we represent. We got to sit through
some interesting legislation and watch the process of it being given
thumbs up or thumbs down. Much of it was gun issues and if you are
interested, check out the VFR website ( this weekend.
I'll post some info about it there.

As I mentioned, Bernie spent the week with Jim working with the
delegates/senators and Bob joined them for 2 of those days. These guys
did a great job firming up votes and asking for support and we all owe
them a big thank you!

Where do we go from here? Well, HB1979 should be heard next Friday, Jan.
28th at 9AM. If you can make this meeting PLEASE plan to be there. While
your presence there is much needed and appreciated, when (let's all
think positive) we make it out of the House, your presence is REALLY
needed for the Senate Transportation Committee meeting. We won't know
the date until we know we are out of the House, but we'll let you know
as soon as possible what that date is.

Keep up the good fight! We're so close this year, let's do what we need
to do.


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