Jim-Bob Golden

State Coordinator

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Bear, Delaware  19701


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                                                                                                                             January 12, 2005


Dear ABATE Brothers and Sisters,


Your State and County Boards have a great interest as to what you the membership would like to see in this upcoming riding season. Most of you realize that over the past several years more and more events have been scheduled and the DelCom calendar is full with events scheduled most every weekend. It is for that reason we are asking you the membership for help with our planning of events and activities for this upcoming year. Please take a few moments to fill out the survey and either mail, e-mail back to me or your County Coordinator. You may also feel free to take it to your County membership meeting, itís always nice to see you at the meetings, e-mail addresses etc. are in your newsletters. This is an ideal time for you to express your ideas for the upcoming events, meetings and legislative issues. This is your organization, without your input and attendance we canít do our job, so itís up to you.


1. How interested are you in legislative issues? On a score of 1 to 5, with 1 being not interested and 5 being very interested.


2. Do you feel you are given enough information through our newsletters, web-site and meetings to get you interested in following the legislative process to support our issues?


3. When you attend a membership meeting or event, are you made to feel welcome and part of the group as a whole. What made you feel the way you do regardless of your answer. How could this be improved?


4. What do you feel would help increase attendance at membership meetings, ie. Day of the week, time of day etc.


5. What do you feel is the main reason you DO or DO Not attend meetings? Please give suggestions for improving meetings.


6. What type of events are you most likely to attend?

a.       Motorcycle Runs

b.       Party or dance

c.       Other, please explain


7. What are the main reasons you DO or DO Not attend events?


8. How can the events be improved?

9. If you were nominated to serve as an officer, officers assistant or committee chairpersonÖ..for what reason or reasons would you or would you not accept the position?


10. Is there any special reason(s) why you do or do not volunteer to serve on committees?


11.Do you have any special circumstances that prevent you from attending meetings or supporting events?  Yes or No


12. Please describe what would entice you to come out to an event and or membership meeting. Suggestions may range from DJ or Band, Type of games, Food, day of week, location of event or meeting, time of day etc.  Other, please explain.


13. What else could we do to create more excitement about getting involved with ABATE?


14. Please feel free to list any and all of your concerns that may not be covered in the above, remember this is your organization, your officers are your tool to make things happen.





Jim-Bob Golden

State Coordinator

ABATE of Delaware