Motorcycle Parking Bill
(HB 923 / SB 650)

The parking bill will prohibit local governments from restricting the number
of motorcycles that can legally be parked in a metered parking space.

Current law allows local governments to restrict the number of motorcycles
to two.

Only some local governments limit motorcycle parking in this manner, but it
can cause confusion and hardship for motorcycle riders who are unaware of
the restrictions.

This bill would eliminate confusing and sporadic enforcement practices and
make parking regulations for motorcycles uniform throughout the state.

The House of Delegates Environmental Matters Committee voted on HB 923 on
March 14, 2003.  The House of Delegates version of the bill (HB 923) passed
with a vote of 132 to 2.  The Senate version of the bill (SB 650) passed
with a vote of 46 to 0.

These bills now go to the Governor's office for his signature.  We believe
that the Governor will sign them.  After the bills are signed by the
Governor, the modified law will go into effect on October 1, 2003.

ABATE of Maryland, Inc.