Maryland has a good chance this year but their helmet bill is in trouble.  Committee Chairman fears Maryland will become free and refuses to call for vote to let it out of his committee. 
YOU can make a difference.  Please read on...
p.s. Rule #1 still applies! - Be polite and respectful. 
This legislative alert is a call to action requesting that EVERYONE contact
Senator Brian Frosh who is the chairman of the Judicial Proceedings
Committee and insist that he call the Motorcycle Helmet Bill (SB 611) for a
vote in his committee.

He believes that the bill will have a positive outcome in his committee and
REFUSES to allow the members of his committee the opportunity to vote on the
bill.  His obstructionist tactics are not characteristic of the ethical
quality that we should expect and  demand from our state representatives.

He has decided that because he personally does not favor SB 611 that
everything you learned in your high school civics class is now irrelevant.
He scoffs at the notion that we live in a society where our representatives
are supposed to listen to the desires of  its citizens.

Call, write, visit or fax Senator Frosh today and state that you want SB 611
called for a committee vote.  You may remind him of the following:

1.  SB 611 is a grassroots bill requested by the people who are directly
affected by the bill.

2.  SB 611 has bi-partisan support with both Democrat and Republican

3.  SB 611 has 19 co-sponsors and the vote required to pass the full Senate
is only 24.

4.  SB 611 proponents diligently worked within our established system of
government to garner support for the bill.

The first amendment states that you have the right to petition the
Government for a redress of grievances.  Exercise your rights today.

ABATE of Maryland is A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments and we
MUST protest Senator Frosh's totalitarian behavior.

In addition, contact Senate President Mike Miller voice your disapproval of
Senator Frosh's obstreperous actions.

Contact information for Senator Frosh and Senator Miller follows.

Democrat, District 16, Montgomery County
Miller Senate Office Building, 2 East Wing
11 Bladen St.
Annapolis, MD 21401 - 1991

(410) 841-3124, (301) 858-3124
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3124 (toll free)
fax: (410) 841-3102, (301) 858-3102

THOMAS V. MIKE MILLER, JR., President of Senate
Democrat, District 27, Calvert & Prince George's Counties
State House, H-107
Annapolis, MD 21401 - 1991

(410) 841-3700, (301) 858-3700
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3700 (toll free)
fax: (410) 841-3910, (301) 858-3910

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