Have you tried having your bike inspected at the DMV only to find out you failed for "loud pipes"?  I've started receiving emails pertaining to this situation and thought I would share them with everyone.  If you have been to the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles and been FAILED for loud pipes, please feel free to drop me the following information:

DMV Location
Name of Inspector
Year of Bike
Make of Bike
Model of Bike
Date of Inspection
Inspection done inside or outside
Db rating of noise
Do you have baffles?

I will then forward this information to the State Board of ABATE and post your email in this section!  Use the email at the bottom of this page to get in touch with me.  Thanks!  Krazi

Rec'd 6/5/03

Is Delaware still checking pipes?
I took my old Shovelhead chopper to Airport Rd DMV the last week of May for inspection. I usually run open drag pipes on it so I dug up a set of pipes that has baffles but were still loud. I know they were louder than 95 db so I expected to fail but it was my only shot at getting through before my tag expired. I was shocked when I pulled up and all they did was check my lights. I didn't even have to blow the horn!! They did tell me that I need to put side reflectors or it but they would let me slide this time!!
So I'm good for another 2 years.

Steve Crawford

  From Dave in Dover:

I just got back from M/V and I just have to vent to someone. It just happens to be you because my wife is at work!!! I just bought an ' 84 FXE Superglide. Took it through inspection a few weeks ago and failed for loud pipes. What else is new?I was 114 db. Just bought a set w/mufflers off the internet from a guy in Ohio. Just got 'em this afternoon. They have 80db stamped right on 'em. Put 'em on, started 'er up, (she should pass now) rode down to Dover and FAILED AGAIN!!! Read 98db. 3db over!!! The s.o.b wouldn't let me slide for 3db. He SAID he failed a guy that registered 96db. This is rediculous, man. What the hell is going on? Is there ANY way to get that db reading changed? The damn garbage truck wakes me up every tuesday morning because it's so loud. I don't know. I think i'll just try going thru up in New Castle tomorrow. THANKS for letting me get this off my chest. I feel better now. Almost!!!

Ride Safe

I replied to Dave right away asking for more info and this is what he sent back to me:

My bike is a 1984 H-D FXE Superglide. Pipes are factory H-D with mufflers.
Inspection station was Dover and the inspectors name on the vehicle report says
T T then scribbles underneath. Can't make out last name.
I actually live in New Castle County but i'm 1/4 mile from Kent line. I am sending out my ABATE application for Kent Co. in the morning.
THANKS very much for your help. I just hope that something can be done about this "herassment" as I see it.

Follow-up with Dave on April 6, 2002

Hi Suzanne (Krazy),
Yes, I finally got thru inspection. But it wasn't easy. The day after I failed at Dover, I rode up to New Castle County M/V on airport road. The first thing they did was take the wand that they use for car exhaust and stick it in one of the pipes. The guy says "no wonder you failed, you don't have baffles". I told him that I have mufflers and they are welded in!!! I knew then that I wasn't going to get anywhere with this guy. Then he takes a digital db gauge, I didn't watch him, put i'm pretty sure he stuck it right in one of the pipes, and shows me a reading of 113!!! He then hands me another fail printout and tells me to put baffles in it. So I leave even more pissed off then before.
Then I say to myself " I might as well go the the other m/v over near 495. What do I have to loose". I pull in there and tell the guy what just happened. I told him that I didn't believe that db reading of 113. Now, are you ready for this? He checks the vin # and asks me the year and make of the bike. Goes in his booth and comes out with a printout that I had passed!!! Not even checking the db's. He says" their rough on you guys, just take it slow when you leave". I told him I would shut it off and push it out if he wanted me too. Unreal. So now i'm good for 2 years.
THANKS for following up on my situation. I really hope that something can be done to change this db crap. I applaud you folks at ABATE for fighting for bikers rights.
I'll see you in 2 weeks at the Blue Hen Motorcycle Show. Till then, RIDE SAFE...

Dave aka Hit-Man



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