Effective Friday September 28, 2007 Senator James Vaughn resigned his Senate seat. As of last night, September 26, 2007 the Democrat Party choose Representative Bruce Ennis as the candidate . The Republican Party has not announced their candidate.


Iím going to point blank tell every member of ABATE, that as an organization WE DO NOT HAVE A BETTER FRIEND OR ADVOCATE THAN REPRESENTATIVE BRUCE ENNIS!


Representative Bruce Ennis sponsored and secured passage of the Motorcycle Riders Education Program in lieu of a mandatory helmet law. He sponsored and secured passage of the Motorcycle Riders Education Advisory Committee. And, he works diligently with us on every motorcycle issue that we face. He has yet to oppose any issue we support and he has yet to support any issue we oppose. He has been ABATEís and the motorcycling communityís best friend in legislative hall.


WE, as members and as an organization, need to stand tall and proud with Representative Ennis. Should he be successful in his senatorial campaign, we will have another no vote against Senate Bill 46 and a good supporter of  keeping the legislation off of the Senate floor.


As an organization we can support him by finding places to put his yard signs, run get out the vote lists on election day if needed, drop flyers should his campaign choose to use this method of advertising, and an array of other things that can be coordinated through his campaign.


Individually we can donate time and money to his campaign in any manner which will be helpful to his success. Again this can be coordinated.


I can not impress upon you, the membership and leadership, about how much of an opportunity we have to elect a friend. A friend we need in the Delaware Senate.


Gary "Hildy" Hilderbrand

State Legislative Coordinator

ABATE of Delaware, Inc.