Freedom Fighters Update:
Latest developments on the states who are asking for bikers across the nation help them gain Freedom of Choice.
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Jayne Challinor
Freedom isn't FREE... YOU have to FIGHT for it.
NEW!!!! Louisiana 3/13/04
Louisiana’s Freedom of Choice awarded to them in 1999 is under attack! TWO bills have been introduced, one in the House and one in the Senate, that would once again require ALL motorcyclists to wear helmets.  Louisiana NEEDS OUR HELP and they’re asking for a nationwide email campaign. We need to write the members of their Senate and House and ask that they reject these bills – SB-29 and HB-109.
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Maryland - Update 3/13/04  Get their bill out of committee! 
"For years we've been trying to modify MD helmet law. Now it looks like it just might happen. There was a hearing on the bill, SB611, back on February 19, 2004. Since then there's been no action on it and I am becoming concerned, for several reasons. First of all, Brian Frosh, who heads up the committee decides what will be heard. I'm just concerned he's going to sit on it again, as he did last year."
Coordinator, Northeastern Chapter
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North Carolina Update 3/11/04
Here's my report from the meeting on the 4th. The next meeting is on the 18th. The committee has until May 15th to come forward with a bill. They originally scheduled 7 meetings and we've had 4, but they are making them closer together because we missed a couple due to weather. I fully expect this committee to move forward with our bill.

As far as a course of action, we still need for people to contact the committee members stressing the tourism aspect. A lot of this is for show, but we have got to make it look good. We are expected to do our part.
Sam Nobles
Legislative Director, CBA/ABATE of NC
Lobbyist, NC BikePAC
Missouri - Update 3/10/04  NEW! Asking for help now!
"We have the votes to put it on the Governor's desk!"
Missouri Freedom of Road Riders® has asked that everyone send letters to tourism to tell them how much money they won't spend in Missouri because of the helmet law. They also need emails sent to their Governor.
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Michigan - Update 3/11/04
"The Governor and the 2 Senators need to be aware that THOUSANDS of Michigan residents as well as riders from our surrounding states want this law changed. They are claiming that they are receiving lots of letters that ask them to support our current law. I find this hard to believe but we must outnumber the pro-helmet letters and bury them!"
Nebraska - No Update Yet