There are times when I get information from Easyriders, or questions being asked by I have decided to give them their own page here so if anyone out there needs the info or wishes to contribute to Easyriders, it is now available!


Re: Easyriders Toy Run Guide
Hello from Easyriders Magazine,
I know it is only July, but believe it or not, we are already putting
together the December issue of Easyriders. 
Specifically, the Toy Run Guide. 
This issue of Easyriders arrives on the stands October 31. We would love
to list your Toy Runs, so please send any info you have, ASAP. I realize
that many organisations hold their Toy Runs prior to this date, so send
me info on those runs as well. They wonít make the special Toy Run
issue, but there still may be time to get them in an earlier issue.
The info we need is:
Name of the event
Contact info (phone and web)
(preferably in this order)
I know itís a long ways off, but we want to have as complete a listing
as possible. Please let me know what info you have as soon as possible
so your organization doesnít get overlooked.
This e-mail is going only to State MRO contacts, please forward this to
the chapter contacts for your organization so everybody has a chance to
get their events listed.
Thank you very much,
Kit Maira
ps. We are happy to publish your events every month in Easyriders and
Biker magazines. If you want to send me any other event info I would be
pleased to try to get it in the appropriate issue. We work at least 3-4
months ahead, so be sure to get it in as early as possible.
Thanks again.


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