Fellow Riders

Sorry for the mass-mailing, but this is urgent. Many legislative sessions will begin soon, and we can really make a difference on helmet law reform across the country.

Could you please share this email with your ABATE officers, members, and fellow riders? It's about a new way to take back your freedom, and save lives at the same time.

The concept is simple. Bikers are a major source of donated organs. Bikers also get stuck with helmet laws. But add the two together, and we suddenly have the clout we've been missing all along.

Go to www.DONORCYCLES.com and print a donor card. You'll notice that it says your organs can go only to residents of states without helmet laws. Even if you don't print a card, you can still go to www.frappr.com/donorcycles and put yourself on our national map. (All you need is a nickname and a zipcode.) This way we can show our strength in numbers.

Now here's the good news. It's totally free and private (no one will ever bug you), and only takes a couple of minutes. It also increases the number of potential lives saved, because more organs will be available (and there's always more demand than available organs).


PS: My state legislator always votes against repealing the helmet law, and he smugly told me yesterday that we bikers are "like children." No fooling. I wish you should have seen the smug grin fall off his face when I showed him my donorcycles card.

You can open a closed mind if you have the right tool.