ABATE of Delaware is a Motorcyclists' Rights Organization, dedicated to

maintaining your right to ride without undue government interference.




Many of our members exercise their Freedom of Choice in whether or not to
wear a helmet whenever they ride - the operative word being "CHOICE."

ABATE of Delaware has worked on anti-discrimination laws.

Many motorcyclists have experienced a refusal by owners of certain
establishments to serve them as long as they identified with motorcycles.

Even a simple T-shirt with a motorcycle name or logo on it is
own, once was sufficient to ban you from some establishments.

ABATE members come from all walks of life and are found nationwide.

Delaware has chapters in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties.
ABATE does not discriminate against anyone based on the

make or type of motorcycle they ride, or if they ride a motorcycle.

Monthly meetings are held for business purposes

and all members are encouraged to attend.



An Organization dedicated to ALL Motorcyclists!


ABATE of Delaware has been involved in fighting for, and protecting the

rights of motorcyclists, promoting Rider Education and Motorcycle

Awareness, and helping our communities since 1977


The Legislative Task Force:


Successfully modified the mandatory helmet law in 1978

ABATE of Delaware has testified every time a helmet law has

been introduced and has been successful in stopping it in committee.

Lobbied Delaware's Federal Legislators to help repeal the Federal Helmet Law in 1995

Monitors State and Federal proposed legislation that affects motorcyclists.

Not just helmet laws but insurance discrimination, vehicle modification regulations,

 rider education, motorcycle awareness, and keeps the membership informed.

ABATE of Delaware's Task Force is a member of ABATE and B.O.L.T.

and works with, and financially funds the M.R.F., A.M.A., and NCOM

attending numerous seminars and workshops across the country each

year to develop new strategies to protect our freedom.

Promotes voter registration and participation in the electoral process,

and involvement in the campaigns of those that support our positions.

Lobbied State Governors since the 1980s, for signing

the, "Motorcycle Awareness Month" proclamation.

1996 Halted Mandatory Rider Training, along with

Motorcycle Endorsement and Registration increases.

2005 HB 96 Eliminated the Code provision

restricting the height of motorcycles handlebars.

2007 SB 46 A Mandatory Helmet Law Bill introduced

then it died in the Senate Public Safety Committee.

2008 Resolved Noise Issues with the City of Newark, DE.


Donated to the ABATE of California/B.O.L.T. Judicial fund.

2010 Halted Graduated Licensing.

2010 SB 269 Increased Penalties for Careless/Inattentive Driving

when serious Physical Injury Results to a Vulnerable User




Members Receive;

A monthly newsletter
Discounts at member businesses and events
Info on Poker Runs, Races, Social Events, and Calls To Action.
Legislative updates on issues concerning motorcyclists.



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