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What is BikePac-DE?
BikePac-DE, (which will be known as Bike Pac) is a Political Action Committee.
It was created to provide financial support to state level legislators who are biker friendly.
Why contribute to Bike Pac?
The political action committee is the most effective way to lend financial support to candidates who favor our legislative goals or who are willing to lend a sympathetic ear to representatives of your group or organization.
ABATE's legislative coordinators and members come into contact with legislators and their staff members quite often, sometimes on a daily basis.
The reasons for those contacts are varied.
There are discussions of legislation that can favorably or adversely effect motorcyclists.
Getting a bill passed, or defeating one, requires a monumental effort by those who are concerned with the particular issue it addresses.
There are thousands of bills introduced each legislative session and only a few reach the Governors desk for a signature.
The members must build a personal relationship with a majority of the legislators.
We must demonstrate our support to those legislators who choose to back our
legislative issues.
Financial backing is not the most important way to do this, so sometimes we are asked to contribute by purchasing tickets to a variety of political fundraisers or making a direct donation to a campaign.
It is important that we are able to support those who have demonstrated an interest in helping us solve our problems and one of the ways to do this is by helping in their fundraising efforts.
Because ABATE of Delaware was incorporated as a charitable organization (501c3), they are prevented from making direct contributions to political candidates by law and that's where Bike Pac comes in.
Bike Pac fulfills the obligation we have to our Legislative friends that ABATE cannot.
Bike Pac contributions are only a means of gaining access to legislators and showing appreciation for those who work with us.
Money is an important part of a political campaign, however, it is not the most important. Financial contributions help to get a candidate's message heard and pay campaign expenses.
The most important factor in winning an election is the actual vote count.
Candidates are most concerned with the opinions and desires of those registered voters who live in their district.
Candidates for public office have access to voter records.
They cannot learn "how" you voted, but they are aware of your qualifications when you ask for their assistance.
They know if you reside in their district, if you are registered, the party you are registered with and how many times you have voted and in which elections.
The candidates listen to their bosses who, in their case, is the people that vote.
When it comes to doing their job, they have very little reason to pay attention to anyone who cannot impact their prospects for continued employment.
Therefore, when trying to influence a legislator's vote, it is extremely important that you meet all the qualifications mentioned.

The more support Bike Pac gives to successful candidates,
the more motorcyclist's voices will be heard in the halls of the
State Senate and State House of Representatives.


Who can contribute to Bike Pac?
Bike Pac is open to everyone interested in motorcycling: ABATE members, AMA members, motorcycle dealers, manufacturers, motorcycle clubs and the general public. Corporations cannot contribute; however, their officers and employees may do so as individuals.
Who receives Bike Pac funds?
Bike Pac will contribute to candidates running for office in the State Senate and the House of Representatives.

Bike Pac will not contribute to candidates for office on the federal or local government levels because of limits on the organizations resources.
How are the funds accounted for?
All contributions to Bike Pac must come from individuals, proprietorships or partnerships. Corporate checks cannot be accepted.
The funds are deposited in BikePac-DE's bank account and strict record keeping is required.
Bike Pac must file reports with the Commissioner of Elections Office.

An annual report showing where the contributed funds have been spent is provided to the ABATE of Delaware State Board and to any member who requests it from the Bike Pac Director or Treasurer.
Are Bike Pac contributions tax deductible?
Political contributions are not tax deductible.
Isn't this simply a way of buying votes?
The contributions to be provided by Bike Pac will not carry the same weight as those of more affluent PACs.
Our Bike Pac contributions will enable bikers to be recognized as a political force in Legislative Hall.
What will Bike Pac do for bikers?
Contributions open many doors and will permit members of ABATE of Delaware and other individuals concerned with motorcycle related legislation ready access to their elected officials.
It is a known fact that ABATE has become known as a grassroots lobbying organization.
How can I help?
Make a monetary contribution to BikePac-DE.
Click the link below, print it out, complete it, and snail mail the contribution form to the Bike Pac address at the bottom of the form.


All ABATE of Delaware Chapters are set up to accept
Bike Pac contributions at their monthly meetings and events.
Each of the three chapters are encouraged to hold at least one
fundraiser each year with all proceeds going to Bike Pac.


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