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Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 4:34 PM
To: SoLR Bikers Email List; MRFReps
Subject: Call to action:: HB1979 - Committee Meeting
Virginia needs your help with our helmet reform bill. I know that most of you can not attend the committee meetings discussed below, but please read the following and write the delegates listed and ask that they support HB1979 and get it out to the House floor for a full vote:
Just got the news that HB 1979 will be heard in the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee THIS Friday (Jan. 21). The committee meets at 9AM in House Room C.
Bernie has been in Richmond working with Jim at the Capitol this week. I talked with both of them a few minutes ago and they had just finished meeting with each of the members of the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee. They feel very confident that we will make it out of this committee.
There are still a few committee members on the fence, however, so each of us needs to write each committee member.
There is a very likely chance that we will cross over to the Senate this year and end up in the Transportation Committee. Your presence is definitely needed at that meeting. It would be perfect if you can make BOTH of these committee meetings. If you can only make one, please plan to make the Senate Transportation Committee meeting.
When you write these members, please keep in mind that most are friendly to our cause and some just need a little bump to move over to our side. Delegate Janis is on this committee and he is patroning the bill, so that will hopefully work in our favor.
Here are the email addresses:
Delegate Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr. Delegate Beverly J. Sherwood Delegate H. Morgan Griffith Delegate Glenn M. Weatherholtz
Delegate Terry G. Kilgore Delegate Allen L. Louderback Delegate Thomas C. Wright, Jr. Delegate Charles W. Carrico, Sr. Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter
Delegate David A. Nutter
Delegate Clifford L. Athey, Jr. Delegate Robert Hurt Delegate Clarke N. Hogan Delegate Benjamin L. Cline Delegate James M. Scott Delegate Albert C. Pollard, Jr. Delegate Marian Van Landingham
Delegate William K. Barlow Delegate James M. Shuler Delegate J. Chapman Petersen Delegate Paula J. Miller
Please pass the word! Let's make sure these representatives know that we want HB1979 to make it to the House floor for a vote of the full House.
Yours in Freedom and Liberty!
Penny Adams
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