ABATE is a motorcyclists' rights organization, dedicated to maintaining your right to ride without undue government interference. We are not an anti-helmet organization. Many of our members choose to wear a helmet every time they ride - the operative word being "choose."

CURRENTLY, ABATE is working on anti-discrimination laws. Many motorcyclists are experiencing a refusal by owners of certain establishments to serve them as long as they identify with motorcycles. Even a simple tee-shirt with a motorcycle name or logo on it is sufficient to get you banned from some establishments.

ABATE members come from all walks of life and are to be found nationwide. Delaware has chapters in all three counties, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex. We do not discriminate against anyone on account of the make or type of motorcycle they ride.

MONTHLY meetings are held for business purposes and all members are encouraged to attend. Your input is important to us. We also enjoy other events, such as:

SWAP MEETS usually have a live band for your entertainment. Food is available, including beer and non-alcohol beverages. Vendors of biker paraphernalia are on site. Bike games are held in the afternoon, followed by door prizes being awarded and 50/50s being announced.

POKER RUNS will take you through some of the most beautiful countryside imaginable. In 1997 we did a "Run to the Ponds Poker Run" which should need no explanation. And did you know that Sussex County is the largest county east of the Mississippi? That means lots of ponds and riding helmet-free (if you choose) down our beautiful country lanes.

FAMILY PICNICS are nice, peaceful events where you can relax and enjoy a wonderful atmosphere among friends, and savor the delicious aroma coming from the barbecue pit.

TOYS FOR TOTS is a well-attended event held every year. It's wonderful to see the kindness and generosity of all those "bad" bikers who turn out in cold weather to help make some children's Christmas a little brighter.

PARADES come in all shapes and sizes, and what would a parade be without the motorcycles. If you have never seen the children's faces along the curbside, from the vantage point of a motorcycle seat, you need to come ride with us. Next July 4th, deck your bike out with red, white and blue, and come join us.

BIKE GAMES include a Tire Toss, various water games, Slow Race, Weiner Bite, Egg Run, and anything else that creeps into the minds of some of our members. You'd have to be there to believe some of the stuff we do, but it's all fun.

EASTER EGG HUNT has become popular for the kids, both small and grown-up. Small plastic eggs are hidden for the kids to find. While they're busy looking for 'em, the rest of us are busy tucking in to the hot dogs and hamburgers, and shooting the breeze.

NURSING HOME RUNS are well received by nursing home patients, at Christmas. ABATE members assist Santa to hand out gifts to those people who would not otherwise get anything for Christmas. Our Christmas events are what makes Christmas worthwhile for many of us.

THE HOME RUN for the chronically ill, is an event sponsored by Kent County ABATE, in which members give a Christmas to the patients in the Delaware Home for the Chronically Ill. Each patient receives a gift, and is treated to a Christmas show. This is a personally rewarding event, as members help to wheel the patients to and from their rooms, into the auditorium, and hand out cookies and punch. For many of the patients, the presents that ABATE members give will be the only presents they will receive.

RUN FOR THE KIDS is to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald children's homes. There seems to be no limit to what bikers will do for kids.

CHRISTMAS PARTIES and dances are times of great fun and fellowship, and you don't have to be able to dance. You can just sit and brag with the rest of us who are too old and tired to get up and jitterbug. Did you know that bikers have more fun than people? It's worth joining ABATE just to go to our parties.

WHAT more could you want in the way of biker fun and fellowship? What are you waiting for? Come and join us for the fun, and support your right to ride free at the same time. Go to Contacts on the left side listing and call one of the members for an application form.

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